Texas Steak Recipe

As an avid steak eater, I have spoken to many chefs about how best to prepare a great steak. This recipe is a result of me taking all of those ideas from the great chefs to make the most tasty texas steak recipe ever! There are two options for this recipe, one is a cooked sauce made from spices and peanuts mixed and the other one is a green fresh salsa. Both will send your mouth in to an orgasm as if there was a party in there and everyone is invited.Your peanut sauce maybe lighter than the one i describe but dont worry, it will still taste amazing and absolutely delicious.

Whip your steaks out of the fridge and let them reach the room temperature while you are preparing your sauce. Flop out a frying pan and get it cooking on a medium temperature and toast the nuts and seeds for a few minutes to make them a light brown colour. If you are using oregano add it to some cumin seeds and thyme. Then get some garlic and chipotle chilli and cook for about one minute. Get what you have made and spin it in a liquidizer with olive oil some line jiuce, rum and fresh chilli. Add some salt and pepper if you chose to. Next add some water and blen until the paste is really smooth and kind of shiny. Make sure that its also smooth. You should taste at this point and adjust with salt,lime jiuce or more chilli as you like. Remember the best chefs constantly taste their food as its being made.

For the salsa option get sharp knife and a large chopping board.Chop the top of the coriander leaves to remove the stalks and all the crap you get with the bunch. Blen with the mint leaves,chilli, garlic and spring onions until you have made a really fine paste. Add a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Get some lime juice in there and a heavy helping of extra virgin olive oil. Mix up all the ingredients to taste. Add to a bowl and that is your salsa ready.

Glop out a frying pan and make sure its really hot before seasoning both sides of the steak with just a drizzle of olive oil salt and pepper.Get those tasty bad boy steaks into the pad and turn every minute cooking to the way you like them. Nothing special for this bit. As it cooks rub the garlic and spring of resmary to give it more life and flavour.

When the steaks are ready place them on a plate for a few minutes to calm down.Chop them up into thick slices then spread the peanut sauce.You can add the salsa or just use the sala at this point to finish it off.Coriander leaves are a good idea on top for decoration.A mexican salad and chunky fries would go really well with this dish.