Chosing your Steak

Choose your tasty steak

Rib-eye: Yes please! One of my favourites.Make sure you allow for 200-250g per person. This will allow for you to trim the steak leaving enough left to gobble. The days of this cut being cheap are over as the price is now increasing.The creamy marbled effect on the fat shows a good sign of a great steak. When cooking make sure that the fat is left on. This will allow for extra flavour.You can remove once the steak is done, but if you are a right porker you can eat it like a true american.During cooking the fat will bast the meat as well as adding floavour.

Fillet: This cut is the most expensive steak of them all. Allow 100-125g per head for one of these bad boys. It is very tender and lean because fo the short fibres. Ask for a slice from the middle of the fillet this will be the best section as the end is not as tender. Also, ask that the sinewy chain is removed that run down the side. I prefer to cook steaks lengthways and split in half and not the usual round cuttings.

T-bone: You will need to get 350-400g each for this style of steak,this includes the bone. It has a good marbling of fat with a layer of creamy fat on one side - this should be left on for cooking, then removed if you like. You will get approximitley 200-250g of meat, with a fillet on the one side of the bone and a fillet on the other. You can increase the taste by spreadding some marrow from the bone over the cooked meat.

To cook your steaks, heat up a pan to a very hot temperature for rib-eye,hot for T-bone and medium heat for fillet. Add some olive oil to the pan with some herbs and a holwe glove of garlic.Use salt and pepper to to seasonthe steaks then whack in the pan for 2 to 3 mins on each side of the steak. With the fillet steak make sure you cook the rounded edges.

If you are cooking rib-eye steaks or fillet , add butter to the pan - just one knob will be enough. Baste the steaks with it. As the T-bone steak has plenty of fat simply spoon the fat over the meat. Trim off any unwanted fat from the steaks then let to rest on the plate. The steaks will be ready after 5 minutes of resting. Slice the steaks along the grain, then with a sauce as a side arrange on a plate.